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Bachelorette Rose Ceremony Catalogue
Viktor Tallryd feels uneasy. Born in 1982 in Ramelse and currently based in Stockholm, his work re-­‐contextualizes everyday objects and situations in order to underscore their latent potential to unsettle, disturb and alarm. Primarily using photography and video, Viktor often uses found imagery to construct ambiguous narratives that imply a sense of the uncanny or the mysterious. When and how do these feelings arise? At what point does it turn into something else? How long can you take the tension? These are some of the questions addressed in his project for the bachelors exam show, a two-­‐part work for video and slide projector that takes a white pickup truck as its subject. Exploiting cinematic conventions at the same time as it deconstructs them, this work combines original footage with imagery taken from television news reports, internet searches and surveillance tapes. Some of Viktor’s other interests include: ‘techno diem’ and Fender Rhodes. Text by Matthew Rana